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As a core subsidiary of CRRC, CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd is mainly specialized in the manufacture of urban rail vehicles, inter-city trains, modern trams, railway coaches and major core parts, etc. The company is a professional researcher, integrated supplier and solution provider in domestic railway passenger transport and urban rail transit equipment.

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Bombardier Transportation is a global mobility solution provider leading the way with the rail

industry’s broadest portfolio. It covers the full spectrum of solutions, ranging from trains to

sub-systems and signalling to complete turnkey transport systems, e-mobility technology and

data-driven maintenance services. Combining technology and performance with empathy,

Bombardier Transportation continuously breaks new ground in sustainable mobility by providing

integrated solutions that create substantial benefits for operators, passengers and the environment. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Bombardier Transportation employs around 39,850 people and

its products and services operate in over 60 countries.


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Address: No.69, Mengxi Road, Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Shanghai Line 8 phase 3(APM)

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  The phase 3 of Shanghai Line 8 extends from Shendu Road Station to Huizhen Road Station, which connects with the phase 2 of Line 8. The total length of the elevated line is approximately 6.689km with 6 stations, and the average station spacing is 1260m. The maximum station spacing between Shendu Road Station and Sanlu Road Station reaches 1980.177m. The minimum station spacing between Mingrui Road Station and Puhang Road Station reaches 805.139m.


  There were 11 trains with passengers on board during trial operation.



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