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As a core subsidiary of CRRC, CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd is mainly specialized in the manufacture of urban rail vehicles, inter-city trains, modern trams, railway coaches and major core parts, etc. The company is a professional researcher, integrated supplier and solution provider in domestic railway passenger transport and urban rail transit equipment.

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Bombardier Transportation is a global mobility solution provider leading the way with the rail

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The first rail transit vehicle exported overseas in Anhui starts shipment

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On May 26th, 2020, the shipment ceremony of the APM project of the Bangkok Golden Line in CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems limited(hereinafter referred to as PBTS) was held in Wuhu, Anhui Province.

The leaders who attended the ceremony included: leaders of Wuhu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government; Yang Qi, general manager of CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co., Ltd.; Zhang Jianwei, chairman of Bombardier China and president of Bombardier Transportation China,; Zhao Xiaowen, Deputy general manager of PBTS , and general manager of PBTS, Romuald Ponte, etc.

On the day of the ceremony, the Thai customer made a live video connection with the general manager of PBTS, Romuald Ponte. The Thai customer said that the Thai Golden Line APM project is the first APM project in Thailand to connect Bangkok's existing subway line to Bangkok's core business district. He also affirmed the important contribution of PBTS to promote the development of Bangkok's rail transit and boost economic consumption, and believe that both parties will have broader cooperation in the future.

At the ceremony, Zhang Jianwei, Chairman of Bombardier China and President of Bombardier China Transportation, said that we are proud of Thai customers' choice of PBTS vehicle system products in the fierce international competition. As a local enterprise in Wuhu and an international enterprise headquartered in Wuhu, PBTS has strong independent research and development and production capabilities. PBTS will definitely work harder in the future to prove that the customers’ choice of PBTS is the correct decision.

The Thai Gold Line Project is the first overseas project that off the assembly line and delivered to customer by PBTS. The APM that was shipped this time is also the first rail transit vehicle product exported to overseas in Anhui Province. The export of the project is a vivid practice of China’s high-end equipment going out and realizing the Belt and Road national strategy as well as strengthening the new infrastructure construction.